Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Syllabus For Elitmus Test

Syllabus For Elitmus Test

Hello friends,
Here i am providing syllabus for elitnus test,whch may b helpful for you .

As we know elitnus test has 3 sections
 DI and Logical Reasoning
3>Verbal communication

These 3-section have a time limit of 3-hours.
Exame Pattern:

Total 3 sections:
Section 1: 
Quant Section ( 20 Questions)
Number System
work and time
Section 2:
 DI and Logical Reasoning ( 20 Questions)
DI- tabular data with conditions 5 questions
Arrangement ( visiting 3 villages each day, 5 villages... with lots of conditions) 3 questions
Coding/Decoding based on multiplication
Section 3: 
Verbal ( 20 Questions)
3 RC 4 question in each
paragraph formation
fill in the blank ( appropriate word)

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